So You Want To Be A Star


So You Want to be a Star by Debora Duckett


There are a LOT of wannabe talents out there – from actors to dancers to musicians to artists of every type. I should know. I’ve owned a talent agency for 40 years. And I’ve seen or heard the best and the worst. So how do YOU realize your dream and take it to the next level?


Oh sure, you say. You live in Austin, Texas. How many “real” artists could you have possibly dealt with? Well, I guess that depends on what you consider to be a “real” artist. My definition is a person who can make a decent living doing what they love to do. That doesn’t always translate to living in a Beverly Hills mansion. But it may get you reliable transportation, buy you a house, put your kids through school, take some cool vacations, and eventually retire without starving.


Sound good to you? Then do your homework! Learn about how to run your business. You ARE the business, and business has little time for whiners. Do you understand how to develop a marketing plan? Do you have a working website? Do you understand how to put money away so when that record label disappears you can survive until the next one comes along?


I know, folks walk up to you all the time and say, “Wow, your daughter is sooooo cute. She should be in a film or doing commercials.” Or, “You’ve got a GREAT voice. You sound like an announcer. You should be on the radio.”


Those comments will get you into a legitimate agent’s door in about – well – I don’t know how to count the minutes in NEVER. Do you have any experience? Have you taken classes or acted in community theater?


So – do you go it alone or look for an agent? If you want an agent have you been to their web site to see who else they rep? What’s so special about you? What will an agent or ad agency or producer get from you that they can’t get from 1,000 other guys? Do you know how to submit? Should you do it through the web site, through the mail, just walk in? What materials are needed? If it’s for voice over do you have a voice demo for all the categories in which you want to land jobs (game industry, IVR, commercials, political advertising, industrial to name a few)? And if you don’t know what those categories are, why not? Isn’t this the industry you said you wanted to be in to fulfill your dreams? How about headshot and resume for on-camera work? Do you have one for film/TV acting vs. commercial acting? A modeling portfolio? A professional live performance recording of you and the band? Photos of your band?



Do you know what the union rates are? SAG/AFTRA – AFTRA (American Federation of Television and Radio Artists), SAG (Screen ActorsGuild) have combined and are one union and AFM American Federation of Musicians – Do you know there are both regional and national rates? Do you know how and why those rates were developed? Do you know how they’re changing and why?


Or maybe you planned on just posting on a pay-to-play web site or Craigslist or Fiverr and hope to take any job at any rate to get you started. How many of you are now Googling pay-to-play?


Maybe you thought you’d call an agent or walk in the closest agent’s door and wow them with your greatness. Of course, it’s up to them after that. Isn’t that their job? Think again.


Learn the business before you submit. Have great materials. Take classes. Understand who’s going to ultimately hire you and why your particular skill, look, sound is needed. Have a business plan. Have a niche. Then you’re looking at a win-win for everyone. And who knows – maybe you WILL be the next biggest thing since the invention of the Internet.