Voice Over Talent Representation

Submission Requirements: 


We accept demos by email onlynewtalent@dbtalent.com

You may send mp3 attachments or send a link to your website containing your materials. In addition to your commercial demo please send all other demos for which you would like to be considered (video game, political, etc.). You must have a commercial demo to be considered.

Demos may be no longer than :60. Professional demos contain 5-8 edited pieces of your best work that show a great range in style, delivery and types of copy. The copy should be appropriate to your age. Producers are still looking for “real people” and not announcers. Demos must be fully mixed with SFX/music.

Do not send a one size fits all demo. If you do accents/characters please send that as a separate :60 character demo. It may not be mixed in with your commercial demo. If you do cartoon voices and/or anime do not mix that together with a video game demo.

If you do a political demo do not mix parties on a single demo. You may submit one Democrat and/or one Republican demo. Not a demo that includes both parties.

Things You Need to Know BEFORE Submitting:

We are a VOICE OVER agency. We represent voice actors for broadcast, industrial, interactive media, new media, IVR, film and all other voice over industries.

All talent must have their own full studio with ISDN capabilities, or Source Connect (not Source Connect Now) at no charge to the client provided the client originates the call. Most cities have “talent studios” that allow VO actors to book ISDN or Source Connect for $75. That gives you flexibility to still be able to work before making the jump to a full studio of your own. Some producers may be willing to work via IpDtl so you should also have access to record by these means.

You must be able to send professional quality auditions. We will test this before signing a contract.

You may not be represented by any other agent(s) in Texas.

In addition, you may have only three additional agents anywhere in the U.S..

If you have an agent in another city and we are the first to call you for an audition – regardless of where it’s held or where the work will be performed – you must agree to audition through whomever contacts you first for an audition or job.

You must agree to not do buyouts individually, or through any other talent agency or entity. A buy out is a spot that has no set length of time like a 13 week run. Usually these are in perpetuity.

If you receive an interview:

We expect to work with you on marketing and will ask how you market yourself and what you’d like us to do to follow up on your behalf. You’ll send a rundown of how you market, the materials you use and the way you keep up with clients.

Initial contracts are generally for a one year term.